Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Leprechauns Came!

We were thrilled to see that not only was our shamrock soup eaten up today, but the leprechauns left us a thank you note! The beautiful mushroom table has begun to curl up around the edges.

We enjoyed using block wax crayons to make rainbows (using only primary colors and blending) and displayed them on the window. Wilson also played a bit o' the Irish harp for us!


themagiconions said...

I'm so glad they came! How could they not... with a setting like that! Bet they had a merry feast... now, did they leave you gold? Sometimes they hide it VERY well!

Jimena Diaz said...

muy divertido!!!
love the harp too

Jenna aka Town&Country Mouse, formerly Citygirl said...

I love the soup set up!!! How sweet. And very nice that they left a thank you. ;-) What fun.

HomeStudio Arts said...

Love the bowls and table. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Your harp is just beautiful!! I've always wanted one. I am enjoying reading your blog.

Peace, Jenn