Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meal Verse

We prepare and eat at least one lunch that relates to each social studies block (pictures above feature: Jewish charoset from the Diaspora, Medieval peasant/servant meal served in a castle, Moorish feast, Medieval European monk's meal). We love to eat together as a family! During lunch, we start with a meal verse.
Ricky, Joey and Wilson have been entrenched in botany adventures this year, so they made up a poem about a seed becoming a tree, then growing fruit that we will eat. With all of the recent rain, we've been talking a lot about rainbows and colors...also included in the poem!

The poem became a song, and then we added gentle movements to it. At some point, we'll get a video clip of it here on our blog.

Syrendell Meal Verse - From the Earth

From the Earth a seed is born
Sun and rain, in the morn
Grows a tall and happy tree
Lots of shade for you and me

Rainbow-colored sweet fruits grow
Pick them when they're ripe and low
Smell and taste their sugar sweet
Thank you, Earth, for this treat


Lisa said...

I love it! A great journal inspiration for my girls tomorrow. Thanks for sharing! Your family dinners look great, I can see how close you all are, it's nice.

Grandma said...

I love seeing all of you on the blog, I miss you all much. The food tied in with social studies is a wonderful activity. I like the poem too!

Crescent Moon said...

We did a lot of foods tied in with our social studies last year and it was really fun.
I love your poem!

LillyZoo said...

What a wonderful verse Thank you

skymring said...

What a sweet verse! It's somewhat similar to a verse they use in waldorf schools, in the thanking of the earth bit.
Thanks for the comments on my blog! Knitting up socks is not at all difficult, as soon as you've gotten used to the 5 (!) needles. I learned it only last year.