Sunday, March 22, 2009

Form Drawing and Balance

We really enjoy form drawing every week! This week, we worked on balancing the right and left sides of our bodies. One of the exercises we did was form drawing.

We started with a large spiral on our chalkboard with our dominant hand, beginning on the right, moving from the outside of the spiral in towards the center. Then, we started at the center and traced the spiral back to the beginning.

Next, we drew the spiral in the opposite direction, starting on the left, first outside in, then inside to out.

Then, we switched hands and repeated the above spirals, first starting on the left, then a spiral starting on the right.

Each time we drew, we talked about how it felt. Using the non-dominant hand brought up feelings of awkwardness and hesitation. Then, as we practiced, the spiral drawing felt really good using either hand (yes, Mommy did this too)!

Finally, we did a curlique drawing to a story about water nymphs in the ocean. We did the form one way, then the other way. Finally, we did both curliques with the non-dominant hand in both directions.

We talked about the things that we like to do with our dominant hand (writing, eating), our non-dominant hand (everyone had a different example), and with both hands (playing piano). A discussion arose about how Wilson is left-handed and the rest of us are right-handed, but our dominant feet did not match our dominant hands.

Next week, we are going to do games with bean bags and walking to work on balancing and coordinating our right and left sides!


dongdong said...

I really need to get my daughter back on the form drawing. She really likes. Just too many things to do and not enough time. And of course, her favorite thing to do is still play. :) Thank you for the post.

Jimena Diaz said...

you teach your children and teach to me, thanks, muchas gracias!!
bendiciones, blessings

Joey Tan said...

That was really fun! I loved going to the vernal pools.