Friday, March 6, 2009

Lucy Leprechaun and Mother Teresa in the Dell!

We welcomed two visitors to Syrendell, Lucy Leprechaun and Mother Teresa. They stopped by and chatted it up with the sprites and fairydell. Lucy talked about the rainbow she had seen two days ago and when she went to go find the pot of gold, it was a pot of boiling basmati rice instead! (It's India Week at homeschool in the dell.) Mother Teresa told a little limerick and everyone laughed - who knew this Nobel laureate could be so funny - she is so endearing! Thank you both for gracing our dell with your cuteness!


Chilean family in Nevada said...

so cute, I love Madre Teresa...she is a powerful inspiration for my sister and me.
She said "Peace start with one smile" or somethig like this, I read Mother Theresa only in spanish, if you can recommended a book I will be very thankfull.
Thanks Jennifer

Linda said...